Here is a tutorial video to help you choose your online clinic

Simply select one fo the following online clinic plans, pay for it, fill in the registration form, and you are good to go! Don’t forget to check the extra services, you’ll find them very handy for online medical consultations.

What’s the difference?

When you are just starting, we expect that you adopt the white plan. With the white plan, you pay a small registration fee and you get your clinic for one whole year. We deduct 45% out of each consultation. However, there are no monthly fees for one year.

As your online patients increase in number, you may prefer to decrease the commission that WebCamClinics receives, so you move to the classic plan (30% commission for webcamclinics), Silver plan (15% commission), up to the Gold plan where commission is least (7.5%). Meaning that you receive 92.5% out of each consultation.

Extra Services

Very useful additions like the ability to expand your online clinic page into a mini-website with several pages, videos and images, and the ability to hide other clinics from your clinic’s page