5-Minute Video: How to handle a new online medical consultation ?

You do not have to read everything at this very moment. Just watch this 6-minute video, it will get you started fast

How to handle the zoom meeting?

  • You received an email informing you of a new consultation. The email has a “Start meeting” or “Join meeting” link.
  • When you click “Start” , this will launch “Zoom” app.
  • In Zoom, click “participants” where you will find your patient waiting. Click admit to start the meeting.
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2-minute video on how to handle your account, bookings, clinic lease..etc

Follow Up Consultations

Some clinics have the regulation of seeing the patient for a free follow-up visit. Feel free to do that on the medical file where you will be able to communicate in text with your patient.

Checking your earnings

Use the menu. Go to “For Doctors” -> “My Account” -> Bookings

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Redeeming your consultation fees

You are entitled to collect your consultation fees every three months, either in person or via bank transfer. In every case, you need to send a request to webcamclinics@gmail.com three working days in advance.

Renewing your clinic lease

Use the menu. Go to “For Doctors” -> “My Account” -> “My Clinic Subscription”

Changing your clinic plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan simply by buying the intended plan as a new purchase. Please email us indicating that you are not a new user, and that you are switching from one plan to the other. This will help us keep your clinic’s page the same, rather than start a new page. You also do not need to fill in the registration form all over again.

Changing availability and consultation fees

You are entitled to change your availability, block certain dates, change the consultation fees..etc. We can do this once every month with the renewal of your clinic subscription, so please plan ahead. For such changes, email us!


Your patient cannot join the consultation

Both you and your patient should receive an email with a link to join the zoom meeting. It should look like this:

If you or your patient do not receive the email, please check the junk mail folder.

If the email is still not found, you can simply create a zoom meeting and send an invitation to your patient using your patient’s email.

You can contact your patient via email or phone. You will find the contact info in the email you received. Alternatively, go to Menu -> For Doctors -> My Account -> Bookings. Open the booking, retrieve the phone number and email and help your patient join in.

In case of total failure, you can either reschedule through “For Doctors -> My Account -> Bookings”, invite your patient directly from your zoom account or on Facebook messenger, or have a phone consultation with the patient.

The steps for inviting a participant on zoom should look like this: