We do our best to provide a work environment that keeps both patient and healthcare provider safe:

1.Before a patient can submit the request for a consultation he/she has to accept terms and conditions that cover several medico-legal aspects, including patient consent, and awareness that accepting medical advice without examination is at his her own responsibility.

Those include the following:

a. I accept that online medical consultation is primarily for general advice and that prescription and decision taking requires physical examination. If I am to receive specific medical advice or prescription on WebCamClinics, I confirm that I accept it on my own responsibility . أقبل بأن التشاور الطبي علي الانترنت هو للنصح العام و أن وصف الدواء و اتخاذ القرار يستدعي الفحص الطبي. أقبل بأن تلقي النصيحة الطبية أو الدواء علي ويب كام كلينيكس هو علي مسئوليتي الشخصية
b. I accept that exchange of data on the internet is vulnerable to security breaches and that such breaches are not the responsibility of WebCamClinics – أقر بقبولي بأن تبادل المعلومات علي الإنترنت هو عرضة للاختراق و أن ذلك لا يلقي أية مسئولية علي هذا الموقع
c. I understand that my doctor may not be able to advise treatment without examination . أتفهم أن طبيبي قد لا يستطيع تحديد علاج دون الفحص

2.We verify the medical syndicate number for every doctor before accepting registration, then provide the health care provider’s photo on his/her clinic so the patient can confirm the doctor’s identity during the online medical consultation

3. We provide a medical filing system where the patient fills in his medical data, uploads investigations, and the physician responds with requests, recommendations or a prescription. This file is archived for documented future reference

We are open to further suggestions in this regard.