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I am a healthcare provider. What can WebCamClinics offer me?

Video consultation through your personal online clinic

online video consultation and telemedicine

Payment for the online medical consultation by credit card

online clinic with credit card payment options

Online Electronic Medical Records

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What is the difference between the online clinic plans ?

The diamond plan for online clinics gives the doctor a virtual clinic with online video medical consultations, pre-booked online consultations, walk-in internet clinic and a lot more. It is the ultimate telemedicine option for clinicsOnline clinic online hospital online video consultation create a web clinicOnline clinic online hospital online video consultation create a web clinicOnline clinic online hospital online video consultation create a web clinic
Deduction per consultation for WebCamClinics45%30%15%7.5%
Video CamYesYesYesYes
Email NotificationsYesYesYesYes
Online paymentYesYesYesYes
Patient filingYesYesYesYes

When you are just starting, we expect that you adopt the white plan. With the white plan, you pay a small registration fee and you get your clinic for one whole year. We deduct 45% out of each consultation. However, there are no monthly fees for one year.

As your online patients increase in number, you may prefer to decrease the commission that WebCamClinics receives, so you move to the classic plan (30% commission for webcamclinics), Silver plan (15% commission), up to the Gold plan where commission is least (7.5%). Meaning that you receive 92.5% out of each consultation.

Institutional Online Clinics Plans

Hospital ? Medical Center ? We can provide turn-key online medical consultation solutions for health care institutes. Please contact us for a quote.

Online medical consultation and telemedicine for hospitals - Dedicated large scale plans for medical centers and hospitals, with departments, online patient waiting rooms, walk-in or by reservation medical online consultations, whiteboard, and a lot more !

Dedicated large scale plans for medical centers and hospitals, with departments, online patient waiting rooms, walk-in or by reservation medical online consultations, whiteboard, and a lot more !

FAQ about WebCamClinics and online medical consultation

How do I start my online clinic ?

To start an online clinic today, Simply select one of the online clinic payment plans at Following payment, you will need to fill in a form with your professional data and contact information that you would want displayed on your online clinic’s page. Within 24-hours from purchasing your internet clinic, you will get an email notification that your online clinic is ready to operate. Now, simply add the link to your online clinic to your social media, on your business card, prescription, on your personal website, in advertising …etc. Start receiving your patience online.

How long till I have my leased online clinic ready at ?

It takes something between 12-48 hours from registration and receipt of payment, to have your web clinic up and running.

How does my patient reach me for a consultation on my internet clinic ?

At, your patient will click the link to your internet clinic. On your page, the patient will click the camera image, Select an appointment from the time slots you have provided for internet consultations, pay for the appointment, then fill in his/her medical file online. You and your patient shall receive email notifications. The email notifications have a link that you click in order to open the video medical consultation session on time.

Following an online consultation with, how are the consultation fees transferred to the doctor ?

We receive patient’s credit card payment for the online medical consultation. You may collect the fees for your online medical consultations in person, or we can transfer them via Paypal or Fawry. The minimum duration before transfer of funds is one month. For Paypal, you need to have a PayPal account that accepts transfers. If you are based in Egypt, funds for online consultations can be cashed-out or transferred via Fawry. A commission is deducted out of each consultation, varying from one plan to the other. So in the Gold Online Clinic Plan, you would receive 92.5% of each consultation. In the Silver and Classic internet clinic plans, the respective commission is deducted from each online consultation.

Why an Online Clinic ?

Web cam clinics is your gateway to have your online clinic. In today’s fast world, your patient may not have the time to drive to your clinic and wait even more. Web cam clinics offers you the possibility to lease your very own online clinic. Every doctor can have a dedicated online clinic page, that has a medical video consultation function, that has an online payment system. Your internet clinic may even have a patient database system, which is optional.

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Why Web Cam Clinics ?

At web cam clinics, we offer your patient the fastest rout to reach you. You may link to your internet clinic from your website, from your social media account or even write the link on your personal card.

Your online clinic may even have a customized link with your name. For example, We can help you purchase the best domain name that suits your web-based online consultation service.

Our online clinics offer privacy for you and your patient. For your patient, there will be website security via SSL and encrypted video channels. For your goodself, webcamclinics offers you the web clinic without revealing to the patient the other doctors on Webcamclinics. This is performed by masking the domain name you purchased.

Online clinics are the way of the future.

Webcamclinics is available internationally, in several languages. Your internet clinic can be totally customized to your needs. You may choose to have your virtual clinic style match your website style, or have a dedicated design.

Your online clinic is very responsive, thanks to the speedy hosting of webcamclinics at the fastest servers possible.

Dear doctor, a virtual clinic is a must. You do not need to be a technical geek to have a clinic on the internet. You do not have to hire a developer or an IT firm to do this. At webcamclinics, we will offer you the turn-key solution to an internet clinic for a very reasonable monthly cost. Several plans are available for you to acquire your internet clinic